Case Study : Diwali 2016 Event Blog | OnPage & OffPage

Last Year Me along with my partner made a Diwali blog Which made us 6.5k$
I ll be elaborating the procedure how we ranked the Diwali blog and banked 6.5k$ for Diwali 2016.

Page Views : 22,27,087
CTR : 8.21


 First You should take the domain 6 months before the event.
 Then you start posting the content , put some spunned content which is readable .
Then Go to Keyword planner and search for the long tail Keywords.
 Collect some long tail keywords by using Keyword planner and KWfinder
 Because for short tail keywords you have lots of competition and when you focus on building links and
concerning main keyword then your doing the mistake.
 Short Tail Keywords has many competition as now a days bloggers taking links from sape and hidden pbn links
and ranking them in a short period.
 Even you can do it if you have enough money to experiment these factors.
For an article you can get more than 10-15 long tail keywords.Then sprinkle the keywords and Give interlinks for it in the first month.
Dont do keyword stuffing in the article.When you do it even the web page ranks temporarily.Eventually you will loose your rankings.


Start Building Links from the Second month.take links from low OBL websites.
 Dont Build 100’s of Spammy Links. Build Less Number of Quality Links.
 Anchor Texts should be optimised well in this process.Build links to the ” Long tail keywords” which you have taken.
 Take Sitewide Links ,10 days before the event to sustain your rankings.
 Dont rely on single Source. Do all type of Links : Comments, Web 2.0,Profiles,Forums etc

Coming to Adsense,

Indian Event 6.5k$ ? Yes you heard it right.Do you know diwali is the most searched indian event in South and North India.

As we all know Diwali is the Indian event and have less CPC . It varies from 0.09-0.12
But do you know that Long tail Keywords have high CPC ?
yes that is the reason I said you to focus on long tail keywords

For Example Go to KW Planner and Check CPC for “diwali greetings” and “diwali greetings messages english”
diwali greetings messages english have high CPC compared to diwali greetings.
So dont worry wheather it is about Indian or US event, Go for the Keyword which are long and having High CPC.
 You can cover more keywords and get high CPC by choose Long tail Keywords.
 Make Sure that Your ad (Tex-ads) color and your template color should be the same.

We Got to Rank in 1st Place for Most of the Long tail Keywords and 2,3 positions for Main Keywords. As some authority news Websites stood in 1st position.
We Expected More than 7K real time if ranked in first positions.

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