Off Page SEO : Link Building Tips 2020

Off Page – SEO Link building Tips :

  • Do not build bulk links for a url in a short span
  • Even if you do so due to lack of time.. Do not opt for link indexing services
  • Bulk indexing of some 100’s of links for single url results in deindexing due to Link velocity.
  • Try to gain links from different sources like
    Comments, parasites, profiles, forums, guest posts, directories.
  • Make your blog links look natural.
  • FOCUS on particular url you are building the backlink for your blog post.
  • In depth, check out number of links that particular url is giving for your site. You can use ahrefs tool to check the no of links gained from particular site to money site.
  • Try to get traffic from different sources of your blog is brand new blog.
  • Do not stress the same anchor text more times for the same url.
  • Last but not least, SPAM but Do it the perfect way.

PS : These tips were shared based on my experience with link building strategies I implemented on my blogs.

If you have any queries please put down in the comments.

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